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DEXTUpload Pro Ver 11.8MB 30 days
DEXTUpload Pro x64 Ver 12.1MB 30 days
DEXTUpload.NET Pro Ver 9.24MB 30 days
DEXTUpload.NET Pro x64 Ver 9.47MB 30 days
DEXTUploadJ Ver 417KB 30 days
DEXTUpload.NET Extension Ver 30.4MB 30 days
DEXTUpload.NET Extension x64 Ver 30.4MB 30 days
DEXTUpload Pro Extension Ver 12.9MB 30 days
DEXTUpload Pro Extension x64 Ver 13.4MB 30 days
DEXTUploadX Ver 9.84MB 30 days
DEXTUploadFL Ver 2.5.2 22.8MB 30 days
     This happens to XP SP2 users, and it’s because the Operating System views any file downloaded from the internet as being unsafe. In order to this solve this problem, click on the “Unblock” in the red box as shown on the left.
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