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Checks the validity of email address in real time now!
It can lead members to reenter by checking in advance in real time when wrong email address is entered by mistake or on purpose when signing up a membership or registering customer details while operating an website. Also, it is possible to check in batch on email addresses being saved already, and check for deleted or disappeared addresses in the course among valid email addresses through regular validity check operations. 


This product can’t check user mailboxes of entire mail server. It may omit the first checking process on the presence of user mailbox from specific mail server according to the various environment settings. However, it has a certain degree of verification effects among most of customers' email data thus results in cost savings on customer management expenses.
- Check whether the mailbox with email address accounts actaully exist in real time
   (does not send mails)
- Possible to check Syntax of email address and the presence of Mailbox respectively
- Does not need to enter separate DNS Server data to check domain mail server (MX Record)
   (automatically check)
- Improve response performance by reducing DNS Query by caching domain mail server data
- Possible to use to match with server environment, use environment through various domain caching
   method support (must needed when operating in batch)
- Improve access performance by algorithm application that optimizes while running caching data
- Support various web environment based on window since it provides both ASP Component and .Net Assembly
- Minimize transmission error or return mail when sending emails
- Reduce wasting of unnecessary system resources or transmission time and human resources caused by wrong
   email address
- Maximise mail receiving rate through regular check on email addresses among existing members' data
- Windows NT/2000/2003 Server Family
- Windows 2000/XP Professional
- .NET Framework 1.1 (.NET version only)
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