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DEXTUpload Professional is a powerful HTTP-based Windows Component, which helps you upload files from the Web Browser to any web site running IIS(Internet Information Server) Web Server.
Since DEXTUpload Professional is very well known all over the world  for its stability, and performance, we have more than 7000 Internet sites and clients using our product to support their web services. We, the developers, are constantly doing our best to upgrade the product’s functionality and performance.
GS Certification is an acronym for Good Software (Excellent Korean Software). This specifies that the software had met the requirements as specified in the Quality Certification Standards of Software (MIC Notification 2000-81, 2000.10.31) as enforced by the Enforcement Ordinance Article 10-3 of the Software Industry Development Act. TTA reviews the quality of the software in accordance with the relevant regulations and TTA standards and issues this mark to qualified software. 
(Certification Date: Dec 11 2006 | Certification Number: 06-0210).
1. Powerful Uploading Function
- Possible to upload 2GB files and files with various Form data.
- Use of ATL Technology and optimized parsing Algorithm make uploading speed even faster.
- Provides Transactional uploads with error-handling and data integrity when uploading multiple files.
- Able to rewrite uploaded files, save files with different names and automatically create a folder.
- Able to upload files to Database BLOB(Binary Large Object).
- Able to filter the type of uploadabed files, limit file size and set timeout functions.
- Perfectly supports Unicode-based Form data and file names.

2. Provides pop-up progress window 
- Progress window pops up automatically without installing any other software.
- The Pop-up progress window shows you uploading speed, file size, uploaded file size, uploading file size and
  time remaining.
- Supports two types of progress windows : 
  a. Standard progress window where users get information by pre-defined progress bar. 
  b. Customized progress window where users can make their own progress window by using DEXT.Progress

3. Powerful downloading Function   
- Uses caches to help minimize the use of File I/O, which in turn improves the speed of downloading.
- Provides resumability in both client and server side for uploading/downloading.
- Able to directly download files without opening the files on the Browser.
- Able to download files as Database BLOB.

4. Image Processing Function
- Able to watermark (writing secret letters on the images) uploaded images for security purposes.
- Able to convert uploaded images to thumbnails in order to adjust the size of images.
- Supports various file conversion formats (BMP,JPG,GIF,TIFF,PNG etc.)
- Provides detailed information about digital camera image files.
- Provides format, width, and height information about various types of image files such as BMP, EMF, EXIF, GIF,
  Icon, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF etc.
- Do not need to buy additional Components for simple image processing.

5. 64bit environment support
- Support Intel EM64T Xeon, Pentium processor or, AMD Opteron, Windows that use Athlon 64 processor Usable @
  server 2003 x64. Not applicable only where the environment does not support 64 bit functions or samples
  (ex, BLOB storage sample using MDB)
1. Server Requirements
- Microsoft Windows NT (Option Pack required)
- Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server Family
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Install IIS)
- Above IIS 4.0

2. Requirement of 64bit Server
- Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 x64 Family
- Microsoft Windows XP x64 (IIS installation)
- Suppports Intel EM64T, Xeon, Pentium CPU product line
- Supports AMD Opteron, Athlon 64 CPU product line
- Does not support other processor such as Intel IA64, and in case of 32 bit web application under WOW,
  32bit product installation is required.

3. Client Requirements 
- Above Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 , Above Netscape 3.0, MacOS X Safari

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.5.5.0 (Released on 24 Aug 2011)

1. Bug Patch 
- Corrected the error occurred during authentication in a few servers

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.5.4.0 (Released on 29 Nov 2010)

1. Improvement 
- Modified issues which were treated as abnormal upload about a particular pattern’s
   uploading once in a while. (Only v3.5.3)

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.5.3 (Released on 26 Aug 2010)

1. Bug Patch 
- Modified MDExifExposureTime property return value of DEXT.ImageProc object.

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.5.1 (Released on 16 June 2010)

1. Bug Patch 
- Corrected error when downloading zero byte file. (Only DEXTUpload Pro v3.5.0)
- Corrected problem which the image quality is degraded when creating thumbnails. (Only DEXTUpload Pro v3.5.0)

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.5.0 (Released on 20 January 2010)

1. Bug Patch 
- Corrected error which FontStyle properties were not applied on DEXT.ImageProc object.
- Corrected error which the browser stopped when downloading BLOB file is canceled.

2. Improvement 
- Corrected error when creating thumbnails on 1 pixel images.
- Improved the problem with black line occuring on the right and bottom when processing thumbnails.
- Improved some internal exception handling and error messages.

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.3.4 (Released on 11 June 2009)

1. Bug Patch 
- Corrected errors which file download does not express file transmission status while file downloading and supported valid resumable file download. (only above DEXTUpload Pro v3.3.0)

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.3.3 (Released on 30 April 2009)

1. Bug Patch 
- Corrected errors when file upload progress window is used on browsers other than IE.
- Corrected errors on exception handling while connection with user is severed caused by error while
  downloading files.

2. Improvement 
- Adjusted to process file uploading but immediately close progress window if the cookie on corresponding
  browser is not valid.
- Added SetProgressWindowType Method a FileUploadMonitor, Progress object
  a. Enhanced support on upload progress window from various browsers
- Corrected problem of deleting registries of different DEXT products when deleting programs after installing
  multiple DEXT products.
- Unregister DEXTUpload.dll when programs are uninstalled.

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.3.2 (Released on 6 Feb 2009)

1. Bug Patch 
- The fix the problem, when the file upload does not save the normal file sometimes temporary file can not deleted
  (Only 3.3.0, 3.3.1).

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.3.1 (Released on 18 Nov 2008)

1. Bug Patch 
- Corrected "IIS Worker Process" termination error created from some Windows Server 2008

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.3.0 (Released on 20 Oct 2008)

1. Improvement
- Support Windows 2008
  a. Modified parsing error during uploading empty Form Object
  b. Corrected stopping without normal installation when installing the product (planned)
      [Refer] When downloading file from Window 2008 Server for this version,
      it may cause BinaryWrite error if the size exceeds 20KB,
      this error is caused by Windows 2008 design change thus should
      set property of EnableChunkedEncoding as FALSE.
- Added ImageProc Object function
  a. Added AutoMakeFolder function
  b. Added automatic sizing when creating thumbnails
  c. Added transparency adjusting function when adding watermark
  d. Added image rotation function
  e. Added image processing property
  f. Added file font and style setting function when adding text watermark
- Denial of Service (DOS) attach prevention
- Decide transmission before receiving actual file data when there is limit in the size of uploaded file
- Support multiple Save of uploaded files

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.2.1 (Released on 1 Mar 2008)

1. Bug Patch 
- Solved the problem of Thumbnail which was not applied on certain files (8bit image file) when   processing images.
- Modified MDExifFlash property return value of DEXT.ImageProc object

2. Improvement 
- Added 7 Exif properties on DEXT.ImageProc object
a. MDDateTimeOrig - Shooting date
b. MDExifMaximumLensAperture - Maximum iris value
c. MDExifFocalLengthIn35mm - 35mm film focal length
d. MDExifExposureBias - Exposure correction
e. MDExifExifDigitalZoomRatio - Digital zoom
f. MDExifMeteringMode - Candlepower mode
g. MDExifLightSource - Light source

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.2.0 (Released on 2 Apr 2007)

1. Improvement 
- New quality property that adjusts clarity of jpeg files during image processing
  (WaterMark, Thumbnail, ConvertFormat).

DEXTUpload Professional v3.1.9 (Released on  18 Dec  2006)

1. Bug patch
- Fixed occasional problem occurred while uploading large quantity of form tag (hidden type) and files
  (Error: Abnormal file is uploaded.)
- Fixed problem of abnormalities in continued downloading
- Fixed problem of abnormalities when downloading cache file

2. Improvements
- Added examples on items without examples among attributes and methods supported previously
 (refer to samples)
- Session was ended (Response.End) for the purpose of ending transmission when uploaded file is bigger than
  set value (TotalLen) and this was modified to display error message to users and concludes the process.

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.1.7 (Released on 1 Jun 2006)

1. Bug Patch 
- Problem of leaking memory after using DownloadBLOB method.

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.1.6 (Released on  4 April  2006)

1. Bug Patch 
- Problem of " Can’t find content type." error in Mac OS is resolved.

DEXTUpload Professional v3.1.5 (Released on  8 Aug  2005)

1. Improvements
- Component upgrade without modifying source code by correcting a problem of compatibility with lower version
- Added MDExifWhiteBalance property on DEXT.ImageProc object

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.1.1 (Released on  17 Jun  2005)

1. Bug Patch
- Problem of error message "Exception occurrence, CFileUpload class, _MultiToWideChar method.
  error '80004005' "
2. Improvements
- Added 3 Exif properties to DEXT.ImageProc object
  a. MDExifISOSpeed - ISO speed
  b. MDExifFocalLength - Focal distance
  c. MDExifExposureProg - Exposure mode

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.1.0 (Released on  15 Apr  2005)

1. Bug Patch
When variable is assigned to form collection index of FileUpload object, it doesn’t operate properly.
Above bug is reported on every form data object which is assigned within <form></form> tag

2. Improvement
Improvement in stability and performance by optimizing additional parsing algorithm

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.0.5 (Released on 11 Mar 2005)

 DEXTUpload Professional v3.0.0 (Released on 1 Dec 2004)

 DEXTUpload  v2.4.8 (Released on May 2004)

 DEXTUpload  v2.4.0 (Released on May 2003)

 DEXTUpload  v2.0.0 (Released on 28 Jun 2001)

 DEXTUpload  v1.5.0 (Released on 20 Sep 2000)

DEXTUpload Pro. is a very powerful and useful upload component for those who want to upload files to their web servers. If you are operating services involving Web mail, Web forum, Web hard disk and Web photo shop, then DEXTUpload Pro. can definitely make your job easier and more efficient.
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