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DEXTUploadFL is a HTTP based client-side flash component that supports file upload and download function from web browser to web server.

This product is a Non-ActiveX developed with Adobe's Flash technology, thus in any OS and any browser that Flash Runtime is installed upload service can be provided.
-Support all browsers possible to execute Flash Player(above 10.3) under OS, like Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc   Please refer to "Flash Player system requirements" for more details.

- However, in case of multi-downloading, the system must support AIR(above 2.7).
  Please refer to "AIR Runtime system requirements" for more details.

 DEXTUploadFL v2.4.0.0 (Released on 2 July 2012)

1.Bug Patch
- Able to delete files on the screen when file upload is completed
- Able to download without displaying of the file size when multi-downloading
- Supports single-download cancellation function
- Able to multi-download on closed networks
   (But, AIR Runtime/AIR Application program should already be installed)
- Supports function for reverting to the WAIT state uploaded files
- Able to open the file (But, AIR Application program is required)
- Supports function for limit the number of files and filtering file-extension to be applied to the virtual files

- Improved multi-downloader performance
- Corrected UI error occurred by cancellation when single-downloading
- Corrected error which the screen doesn't update after setCustomData method call

 DEXTUploadFL v2.3.0.0 (Released On 08 March 2012 )

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