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DEXTUpload .NET Professional is a Windows Component running on a web server that is HTTP-based and serves to upload files from web browsers to a web server quickly and efficiently. It runs on any IIS(Internet Information Server) on a Windows platform for websites developed with ASP.NET. We are continuously improving the performance and convenience-of-use through the development of various additional functions.

DEXTUpload .NET Professional is perfectly compatible with ASP.NET, and it supports mutual application with
file upload class of .NET Framework, and it overcomes the limitations of ASP.NET (inconsistence for high capacity file upload, server overload and safety, supported with only simple upload). It is written with C# language,
and provides you with considerably improved upload speed and stability comparing to existing ASP file upload
components by re-preparing core engine of DEXTUpload Professional product as a code optimized for.NET.
1. Powerful Uploading Function
- Possible to upload 2GB files and files with various Form data.
- Use of optimized parsing Algorithm make uploading speed even faster.
- Provides Transactional uploads with error-handling and data integrity when uploading multiple files.
- Able to rewrite uploaded files, save files with different names and automatically create a folder.
- Able to upload files to Database BLOB(Binary Large Object).
- Able to filter the type of uploaded files, limit file size and set timeout functions.
- Perfectly supports Unicode-based Form data and file names.

2. Provides pop-up progress window  
- Progress window pops up automatically without installing any other software.
- The Pop-up progress window shows you uploading speed, file size, uploaded file size, uploading file size and
  time remaining.
- Supports two types of progress windows : 
  a. Standard progress window where users get information by pre-defined progress bar. 
  b. Customized progress window where users can make their own progress window by using Progress

3. Powerful downloading Function
- Provides resumability in both client and server side for uploading/downloading.Automatic continuation of downloads from session to session.
- Able to directly download files without opening the files on the Browser.
- Able to download files as Database BLOB.

4. Image Processing Function
- Able to watermark (writing secret letters on the images) uploaded images for security purposes.
- Able to convert uploaded images to thumbnails in order to adjust the size of images.
- Supports various file conversion formats (BMP,JPG,GIF,TIFF,PNG etc.)
- Provides detailed information about digital camera image files.
- Provides format, width, and height information about various types of image files such as BMP, EMF, EXIF, GIF,
  Icon, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF etc.
- Do not need to buy additional Components for simple image processing.

5. 64bit environment support
- Support Intel EM64T Xeon, Pentium processor or, AMD Opteron, Windows that use Athlon 64 processor Usable @
  server 2003 x64. Not applicable only where the environment does not support 64 bit functions or samples
  (ex, BLOB storage sample using MDB)
1. Server Requirements
- Microsoft Windows 2003/2008/2012 Server Family
- Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Install IIS)
- Above IIS 5.0
- .NET Framework 1.1 / 2.0 / 4.0
- COM+ installation

2. Requirement of 64bit Server
- Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 x64 Server Family
- Microsoft Windows XP x64 (IIS installation)
- Suppports Intel EM64T, Xeon, Pentium CPU product line
- Supports AMD Opteron, Athlon 64 CPU product line
- Does not support other processor such as Intel IA64, and in case of 32 bit web application under WOW,
  32bit product installation is required.

3. Client Requirements
- Above Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 , Above Netscape 3.0, MacOS X Safari

 DEXTUpload.NET Professional v4.2.0.0 (Released on  27 Jun  2013)

1. Improvements
- Windows 2012 supported

 DEXTUpload.NET Professional v4.1.0.0 (Released on  24 Aug  2011)

1. Improvements
- Remove COM+ feature of ASP.NET 2.0 version.
- Support Virtual Path and Network Path when processing uploaded images.
2. Bug patch
- Corrected the error occurring in SessionTimeout when ScriptTimeOut applied to less than one minute

 DEXTUpload.NET Professional v4.0.0.0 (Released on  16 June  2010)

1. Improvements
- Supports IIS 7.0 Integrated Pipeline Mode in Windows 2008
- ASP.NET 4.0 supported (.NET Framework 4.0)
- Added diverse methods of creating thumbnail image
- Added transparency adjusting function when adding watermark

 DEXTUpload.NET Professional v3.7 (Released on  4 Feb  2009)

1. Improvements
- Supports IIS 7.0 in Windows 2008 (Excluded Integrated Pipe mode)

 DEXTUpload.NET Professional v3.6 (Released on  7 Jun  2006)

1. Improvements
- ASP.NET 2.0 supported
- .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0 are supported, and separate DEXTUpload.NET.dll are supported for each version

 DEXTUpload.NET Professional v3.5.1 (Released on  7 Jun  2005)

1.Bug patch
- Fixed the "Out of memory" error in older version when it’s not an image format that GDI+ supports
- Modified the version information of to "" in Web.config

 DEXTUpload.NET Professional v3.5.0 (Released on  14 Mar  2005)

1. Improvements
- Auto creation of upload folder
- User defined progress window
- Continuous file download
- Unconditional download for any format
- Watermarking of image files
- Thumbnail handling
- Conversion of image file format
- Meta information of image file
- Provided with various format, width, and height of image files

  DEXTUpload.NET v3.0.3 (Released on  Sep  2003)

  DEXTUpload.NET v3.0.0 (Released on  May  2003)

DEXTUpload.NET Pro. is a very powerful and useful upload component for those who want to upload files to their web servers. If you are operating services involving Web mail, Web forum, Web hard disk and Web photo shop, then DEXTUpload.NET Pro. can definitely make your job easier and more efficient.
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