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DEXTUpload.NET Extension integrated DEXTUpload.NET Professional and DEXTUploadX thus implements more powerful file upload functions as well as the concept of web-hard.
This product improved upload capacity limit and transmission concept between browsers and web servers to enable unlimited file uploading that the system can process and converted file transmission methods from integrated transmission to individual transmission thus it not only provide general file uploading service as well as the concept of web-hard.
1. Transmission of files of more than 2GB
- Possible to transfer almost unlimited file size steadily.

2. Supports resumed uploading
- Possible to resume stable uploading even when uploading is interrupted by internet disconnection,
  temporary stop by the user.

3. Support transmission speed limit
- Transmission speed can be limited from client side within supported bandwidth.

4. Support file add/delete during transmission
- Supports file add/delete during transmission.

5. Support pause during transmission
- Transmission can be paused while uploading or downloading files.

6. Removed limit in number of transmitted files
- Removed limit in maximum number of transmitted files of 512 files by changing transmission method.
  However, there may be display errors on UI caused by increase in number of files.

7. Supports all functions of DEXTUpload.NET Professional and DEXTUploadX
- Supports all functions of existing DEXTUpload.NET Professional and DEXTUploadX.
  However, it may not support at the same time according to the properties of support functions.

Existing DEXTUpload.NET Professional and DEXTUploadX can be installed and distributed together in the same server.
DEXTUpload.NET Extension product is composed of DEXTUpload.NET Extension version and DEXTUploadX Extension version and "namespace", "ClassID" differ from previous products.

It minimizes modification on existing codes to upgrade from existing DEXTUpload.NET Professional or DEXTUploadX. For further details, please refer to [Code Sample].

 DEXTUpload.NET Extension v1.7.0.0 (Released On 21 Oct 2011)

 Server Requirements
- Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 Family

 Client Requirements
- Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
- All browsers that support ActiveX control
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