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DEXTUploadX is a client-side ActiveX component that supports file Upload and Download function flexibly in environment based upon HTTP that complies with RFC1867 standard and that offers intuitive and various UI to user and offers various API and Event for developer.
DEXTUploadX sample offered after installation is made as ASP page and is executed with DEXTUpload Professional. For POST upload sample using DEXTUpload.NET Professional in ASP.NET environment, please press here.
1. Perfect multilingual support
- Supports Unicode file name and form data for perfect multilingual support.

2. Automatic selection function for language that is fit for user
- If basic language setting of user is English, Korean and Japanese, it displays all messages of it fit for each
  language. In case of languages except that, it displays messages in English automatically, so multilingual
  support is offered more easily.

3. Support encrypted transmission
- Useful when transmitting document that requires security by transmitting with AES
  (Advanced Encryption Standard- Rjindael) encryption.

4. Provide perfect API for GUI User
- Provide entire API required for transmission so user can directly create optimized transmission page on their 

5. Very small file (.CAB) size optimized for internet environment
- For DEXTUploadX, the size of file (DEXTUploadX.Cab) to be received by the user is very small at around 346kb.
  Among them, 120KB is for users of Windows 98 so about 40% smaller files can be distributed according to

6. Supports both Windows98/NT systems with one file (.CAB)
- One file distribution is possible regardless of Windows operating system versions, so version control is done

7. Automated form data
- Recognizes data of all forms in web page automatically and transmits it.

8. Offers perfect HTTP uploading solution that is linked with server-side upload component
- DEXTUploadX and DEXTUpload Pro series comply with international standard, RFC1867. These two
  components altogether offer convenient and intuitive UI to user and, at the same time, offer perfect HTTP
  uploading solution to server so that it can deal with files uploaded by users.

9. Uploading folder structure
- When user adds folder, it uploads folder structure as it is like user added.
 (But, link with DEXTUpload Pro. series is required).

10. Downloading folder structure
- You can designate download path about each file to download, so you can download folder structure.

11. Drag and Drop support
- Supports Drag and Drop of file and folder.

12. Supports resume downloading function (Resume uploading function will be supported soon)

13. SSL and Proxy server support

14. Supports Windows Vista

☆ Most of functions of this product are done through interaction with upload component on server side. Therefore, you can reliably use all functions when upload component such as DEXTUpload Professional is setup on server.

- Windows 98SE or higher
- Windows 2000 or higher
- All browsers that support ActiveX control

 DEXTUploadX v3.2.10.0 (Released on 28 June 2013)

- Improved File Execution.
- The addition of the function to indicate the unit of the file size for the list view.
  (byte-> automatic change)

 DEXTUploadX v3.2.0.0 (Released on 24 Aug 2011)

- Support image preview in the FileUploadManager.
- Support tooltip in image preview.
- Support drag and drop to image preview.
- Support execute feature when you double-click the image on image preview.
- Support FileSize-Column Visible property in the ListView.
- Support FileName-Column Width property in the ListView.
- Support non-Header in the ListViewReport mode.
- Support changing the title of Folder dialog and File dialog.
- Support downloading automatically after selecting download folder.
2.Bug Patch
- Corrected the error that can not transfer the items of file list from FileUploadManager to
  FileUploadMonitor because of changes in the JavaScript engine of Internet Explorer 9.

 DEXTUploadX v3.0.4.0 (Released on 29 Nov 2010)

1.Bug Patch
- Corrected the error which values of checkbox and radio type were transmitted incorrectly
  when form-data was transmitted

 DEXTUploadX v3.0.3.0 (Released on 26 Aug 2010)

- Support a new event notifying it when DEXTUploadX object is created.
- Support "ListViewSortStyle" and "ListViewFileStyle" property when used in modification mode of bulletin board.
- Support functions for providing count, size and name of selected files in ListView.
- Support function for setting up type of warning message caused by limiting properties when user will add files.
- Support function for setting up whether or not the exception event will occur when file-adding is limited by Filter
  or Rfilter property.

 DEXTUploadX v3.0.1.0 (Released on 16 June 2010)

- Improved a problem when transfering file data of HTML input tag due to change security policy of Internet Explorer 8.

 DEXTUploadX v3.0.0.0 (Released on 22 March 2010)

1.Bug patch
- Corrected the error occuring on IE security setting(tool-internet option-security) in certain PC environment
- Corrected the error which the problem not being able to keep more than 2 cookies when downloading files

2.Function enhancement
- Support dynamic size change for ActiveX
- Support setting up background images for ListView
- Support sorting ListView by the column name
- Support reception of HTTP status code responded from the server when downloading in push type

 DEXTUploadX v2.8.2.0 (release date : Feb 6 2009)

1. Function enhancement
- Functional improvement; When selecting the cancellation button from the message box which asks the creation result folder in the download, at that time OnTransferCancel events to occur
- The event addition; All operations of DEXTUploadX insides being completed event. (OnEndProc)

 DEXTUploadX v2.8.1.0 (release date : Nov 18 2008)

1. Bug patch
- Corrected Buffer Overrun from English OS
2. Function enhancement
- Support UTF-8 environment on the results of upload and error messages transmitted to client
- Improved automatic deletion of DEXTUploadXBrokerEx process

 DEXTUploadX v2.8.0.0 (release date : Oct 20 2008)

1. Function enhancement
- Support Windows 2008 & IE 8.0
- Support modification of transmission file order and file movement
- Support modal-type monitor window
- Support additional transmission window UI (Basic, Simple, ListView)
- Support Progress Bar Object
- Support form data alignment for PHP
- Support function for filtering specific file extentions (function opposite from existing Filter property)
- Support return of POST-type upload results
- Improved methods of processing transmission progress information when downloading/uploading files
- Improved download speed
- Improved methods of connecting execution files after downloading (Custom UI)
- Improved the order of events (OnTransferComplete, OnError)
- Support selection of checkbox activation from download monitor window
- Improved exclusions and error messages
- Improved security plans during download

 DEXTUploadX v2.5.1.0 (Released on 03 April 2008)

1. Function enhancement
- When applying Filter property, it offers same filtering for folder adding dialog box and Drag and Drop as well as
  filtering of file adding dialog box.

 DEXTUploadX v2.5.0.0 (Released on 29 February 2008)

1. Bug patch
- Modified to produce explicit error when requesting for downloading files without authority
- Modified to enable continued downloading if requested by user after explicit error when network connection is
  down during downloading (plan to support function of automatic download by testing network connections)

2. Function enhancement
- Supports changing display styles of files added on list view (ListViewFileStyle)
- Provide property to activate/deactivate Drag&Drop (EnableDragDrop)
- It supports POST type upload without separate Server Component (DEXTUpload Pro) by interlocking with
  "HTTP_POST_FILES", "_FILES" provided by PHP (EnablePHPFILES)
- Modifies corresponding property value if user enters user setting information property (closing windows after
  completing transmission, etc) is entered even though the value of UseClientRegistry is TRUE

 DEXTUploadX v2.4.0.0 (Released on 03 December 2007)

1. Bug patch
- Corrected the problem of keeping Cookie from files requested for downloading from Vista supported version

2. Function enhancement
- Support transmission of another name on each individual files being uploaded
- Support user data transmission on each individual file name being uploaded
- Support viewing information on files selected (double-clikc) by user
- Added delete all files methods in FileUploadMonitor (DeleteAllFile)

 DEXTUploadX v2.3.3.0 (Released on 15 October 2007)

1. Bug patch
- Corrected problem of msvcr71.dll

2. Function enhancement
- Added add file methods in FileUploadMonitor (AddFile)

 DEXTUploadX v2.3.2.0 (Released on 04 May 2007)

1.Function enhancement
- Supports Windows Vista
- Added Download Folder Selection Method of FileDownloadMonitor (ChooseDownloadFolder).
- Added Delete All File methods of FileUploadManager (DeleteAllFile).

 DEXTUploadX v2.3.0.0 (Released on 03 Nov 2006)

1. Bug patch
- Updated to make it possible to download even when the size of file is entered incorrectly when adding files
  at  FileDownloadManager.
- Updated the problem of abnormal uploading of multiple files from Put Type Upload.

2. Function enhancement.
- AES (Advanced Encryption Standard - Rjindael) Encryption transmission function is added.
- Provide perfect API for User GUI .
- Provide various properties for changing the style of List View and color.
- Provide Context Menu Control Property.
- Provide Double-click Event .
- Provide Outer Line Visible Setting Property on FileUploadManager, FileDownloadManager.
- Provide Enable Setting Property on add file, add folder, delete field buttons of FileUploadMonitor.

 DEXTUploadX v2.1.2.0 (Released on 22 May 2006)

1. Bug patch
- Problem that occurs when you download same file name from more than two sites is fixed.

2. Function enhancement.
- Folder structure downloading function is added.
- When user designate download path in FileDownloadMonitor that doesn’t exist, path is generated though child
  directories are more than two.

 DEXTUploadX v2.1.1.0 (Released on 13 April 2006)

1. Bug patch
- Problem that value of form tag is transmitted when form tag of checkbox, radio button and list weren’t selected is

 DEXTUploadX v2.1.0.0 (Released on 5 April 2006)

1. Bug patch
- Problem that property value set in FileUploadManager isn’t set in FileUploadMonitor is fixed.
- Problem that occurs when file to upload is deleted during uploading is fixed.
- File addition and deletion are prohibited during transmission.
- Checkbox change is prohibited in file list of FileDownloadMonitor during downloading.
- Exception handling about wrong download path input by user in FileDownloadMonitor is fixed.
- Upload and download samples in SSL and Proxy environment are fixed.
- Problem that progress time, transmission speed etc continuously progress when progress bar becomes
  completed state during you check whether upload is done normally after file upload is fixed.
- Problem that you can’t deliver parameter value to “PARAM” property of FileUploadMonitor “OBJECT” tag is fixed.

2. Function enhancement 
- Offers property that can set initial check state of checkbox and radio box to value saved in registry of client. 
- Offers property for handling duplicated file when using Resume download function. 
- Offers property that can set activation and check state of “Open received folder after completion” checkbox. 
- Offers property that can set visualization, activation and check state of “Resume download” checkbox. 
- Offers property that can set visualization, activation and check state of “Close window after transmission is
   completed” checkbox. 
- Offers property that can set activation and check state of “Duplicated file handling” radio box. 
- Offers property that can select “Open in new window” when running file in FileDownloadManager. 
- Offers function that finds and sets Temp path of system when download path isn’t saved in client registry.

 DEXTUploadX v2.0.3.0 (Released on 8 Feb 2006)

1. Bug patch
- Patch application according to design change of Internet Explorer.
- Problem that wrong folder structure is generated when uploading folder structure in web page in which form data
  like as <input> tag is included. 

 DEXTUploadX v2.0.2.0 (Released on 29 Dec 2005)

1. Bug patch
- Problem that event (OnTransferComplete) whose transmission process is completed occurs during progress bar
  is working in FileDownloadMonitor is fixed.
- Memory leakage problem that occurs when user is drag and drop from/to FileUploadManager and
  FileUploadMonitor in Win98/ME environment is fixed.
- Default value of duplicated file handling in FileDownloadMonitor is set as “As other name”.

2. Function enhancement 
- Upload function for folder structure is added.
- When using drag and drop, it offers same event with event that can occurs when adding file and folder through
  existing dialog box.
- When applying Filter property, it offers same filtering for folder adding dialog box and Drag and Drop as well as
  filtering of file adding dialog box.

 DEXTUploadX v2.0.1.0 (Released on 5 Dec 2005)

1. Bug patch
- Problem that skip takes place for non-duplicated file when “Skip” mode is selected is fixed.
- In a situation where “Overwrite” mode is selected, Problem that “FileDownloadMonitor” window immediately exits
  when pressing transmission button again after selecting cancel during download is fixed.
- Problem that received file isn’t deleted when user tries to delete it after selecting cancel during file download is

2. Function enhancement
- Automatic adjusting function for horizontal scroll bar of Upload and Download Lists is added.
- Context Menu function of Upload Control is added.
- Resume download function for file is added.

 DEXTUploadX v2.0.0 (Released on 1 Nov 2005)

1. Improvements
- Demerits of XfileUpload and demands from users are improved.
- DEXTUploadX is a next version of XFileUpload developed at 2001.

 XFileUpload v1.4.0.12 (Released on 25 Jan 2006)

 XFileUpload v1.4.0.11 (Released on 30 Sep 2005)

 XFileUpload v1.4.0.8 (Released on Jan 2004)

 XFileUpload v1.3.0.7 (Released on 1 Jun 2003)

 XFileUpload v1.2.0 (Released on 1 Jul 2002)

 XFileUpload v1.0.0 (Released on Jan 2002)

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